1 oz - Sweet Almond Coconut SINGLE SNACK


Delightfully tasty with epic crunch!


Zero Added Sugars

Diabetic Friendly

1 Net Carb


Superfood Granola


Product Description

Our Almond Coconut small batch Granola is made from heart healthy almonds and pecans that are toasted to crunchy perfection. We use coconut chips and coconut oil for added benefit including MCT oil. Combined with chia and flax seeds and our star lupini bean flakes for the ultimate nutrition powerhouse. Loaded with protein, good fats, and at 9g of fiber per serving it will keep you energized and feeling full! Enjoy with milk, yogurt, a smoothie or just straight out of the bag!



Ingredients: Lupini bean flakes, cassava plant prebiotic fiber, almonds, coconut chips, coconut oil, cassava plant powder, erythritol, flax seeds, chia seeds, water, pecans, almond extract, salt, monk fruit extract.


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