Our Story

Lupini flowers

Our Story

It all began in flight school…

Where 6 of us shared an apartment excited to be doing what we loved. We flew long hours often at night and relied on coffee and quick snacks to get through the day. We thought we ate well, but within a few years a couple friends got sick and lost their medicals, ending their careers prematurely. It was then, I learned how little we all knew about nutrition and the life-long consequences of our choices. I wanted to learn more.

So I decided to become a certified integrative nutrition coach and used my knowledge to educate others. It ultimately inspired me to work directly with farmers who grow lupini beans & develop the perfect plant-based protein! And that’s how Avinola & AVI Foods was born!

Our granola is nutrient dense, has zero added sugars and loads of prebiotic fiber to help keep you full. The best part is it’s made from superfoods that span as far as our travels and nourish you from the inside out. Now boarding all rows on flight 143 to better health….

The Avi Team

Maggie - Chief Executive Officer

Has 12 hobbies at any given time. Apart from flying, she loves running and training the visually impaired. Certified as a Health Coach from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in NYC. Spends most of her time outdoors & on the move.

Sonia - Chief Financial Officer

Coding is her passion, loves crunching numbers and making you realize you’re way over budget. Enjoys hiking, traveling and volunteering at the doggie shelter.

Mason - Director of Operations

Likes keeping track of the chaos. Enjoys those rare moments when things actually go according to plan. Enjoys teaching little league…. and taking daily naps.

Honey - Chief Happiness Paw-trol

Snacking, napping and being the center of attention is her passion. Loves making you feel guilty for leaving her at home and will remind you who is boss if you forget to give her a treat.