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I am a certified integrative nutrition coach and use my knowledge to educate others. It ultimately inspired me to work directly with farmers who grow lupini beans & develop the perfect plant-based protein! And that’s how Avinola & AVI Foods was born!

Our granola is nutrient dense, has zero added sugars and loads of prebiotic fiber to help keep you full. The best part is it’s made from superfoods that span as far as our travels and nourish you from the inside out. Now boarding all rows on flight 143 to better health….

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keto granola influencers

Nicole @ketowizzard

Nutrition is important to me, because when I feel my best I give my best! Healthy foods produce a healthy mind! I feel my best when I eat nutritious foods that fuel my body and mind! Avinola is hands down my favorite granola! Not only is it made from nutritious ingredients, but it tastes amazing too! 


Curt @ketoxjunkie

As a person that has lost 300 lbs along the way I have found that nutrition is so important in the grand scheme of things. What you use to fuel your body daily not only gives you the energy to get you through the day but it can help lower the risk of things such as high blood pressure.

I love Avinola because it's a great tasting snack and the fact that it uses lupini flakes. I love that it's keto friendly and I feel no guilt with eating it. Also, it goes great with ice cream/yogurt and straight out the package.