Eco-Friendly Lupini

Lupini flowers

Lupini Beans are the ultimate Eco-Friendly Food

Our ingredients are good for you & good for the Earth!

Lupins are just as incredible for our earth as they are for our bodies. Farmers enrich their soil naturally by planting a perennial that produces amazing flowers as colorful as the rainbow while attracting and feeding bees, hummingbirds and butterflies!

Lupini plants are eco-friendly because they are a nitrogen fixing crop with deep taproots. That simply means they are a natural fertilizer for your plants! How? Well, they take nitrogen out of the air and add it to the soil with the help of symbiotic bacteria that live in nodules on their roots.

Their taproot stretches deep into the earth, allowing it to be drought-tolerant while also helping to break up compacted soil. As a bonus; when lupini plants die back, the taproot will breakdown slowly, increasing the organic content in your soil. This will help the soil retain more water, reducing the amount of water needed to help this plant grow. As a result, farmers keep their costs down while simultaneously saving the planet’s water! …Proof that not all super heroes wear capes!